SuhailPartners LLP is a Saudi Arabian Law Firm Representing Domestic, Regional, and Global Clients

At SuhailPartners LLP, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in everything we do. From the way we approach our clients’ legal matters to the results we achieve, we constantly push to go above and beyond.

We also work on the leading edge.

Since our firm’s founding independently from any global brand, we have been at the forefront of complex and high-value commercial legal matters in Saudi Arabia. We have handled legal matters varying from initial public offerings and Rights Issues to commercial transactions. We work with clients located in Saudi Arabia and around the globe, and we rely on this unique combination of local and international experience to efficiently achieve favorable results for our clients.

A Reputation for Client-First Representation

We are well known for our client-first approach to legal representation. Our lawyers support our clients’ efforts, and we lend our knowledge and insights to help our clients achieve their goals. While we are proud of the results we have been able to achieve for our clients, we are even more proud of the long-standing relationships we have fostered with many of our firm’s key clients.

A Reputation for Diversity and Inclusion

We also take great pride in our commitment to diversity and inclusion. As of 2023, our legal team is 65 percent female, and seven percent of our workforce is comprised of individuals with special needs. We believe deeply in the intrinsic value of diversity and inclusivity—and we continuously strive to promote these values within our practice and work with clients who share these same commitments.

A Reputation for Success

At SuhailPartners LLP, we have a reputation for success. While we greatly value the personal bonds we have forged with many of our clients, we ultimately know that clients stick with us because of the success we can help them achieve. As a result, we are constantly pushing the envelope, finding new ways to keep our clients at the forefront of their respective industries, and constantly moving forward.

As a result of our reputation for success, we have received several prestigious awards. SuhailPartners LLP is recognized as a leading law firm in Saudi Arabia, both domestically and globally. We do not take this for granted. Rather than resting on our laurels, we are constantly pushing ourselves forward as well, and from our senior partners to our professional staff, all members of our firm are fully committed to building a legacy that lasts for generations to come.

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