We Advise Banks and Financial Institutions Regarding Compliance, Transactions, Risk Management, and Dispute Resolution

Banks and financial institutions in Saudi Arabia are subject to extensive regulatory oversight. They must carefully manage all aspects of compliance and have documentation on hand to demonstrate their compliance when necessary.

They must also make informed decisions about lending and other financial transactions. Banks and financial institutions must choose their customers carefully and be equally careful when choosing cybersecurity companies, internet service providers, and other vendors. At SuhailPartners LLP, we advise banks and financial institutions regarding all compliance and transactional matters and provide dispute resolution services.

Our Services for Banks and Financial Institutions

Our lawyers have extensive experience in banking, finance, corporate governance and compliance, and all other areas of concern for lenders and other financial entities. We provide these clients with a comprehensive suite of legal services structured to meet all of their legal needs efficiently, and by consolidating our clients’ legal needs under one roof, we can maximize both the efficiency and the efficacy of our legal representation.

Our services for banks and financial institutions doing business in Saudi Arabia include:

  • Compliance – We advise banks and financial institutions regarding all corporate and regulatory compliance aspects in Saudi Arabia. Our lawyers help our banking clients develop and implement custom-tailored compliance programs, document their compliance efforts, and audit and manage compliance on an ongoing basis.
  • Transactional – We provide comprehensive transactional services for banks and financial institutions as well. This includes assisting with everything from due diligence, evaluating customers’ documentation, drafting contracts, getting deals, and closing. Along with customer transactions, we also assist banks and financial institutions with their own commercial contracting needs (i.e., negotiating contracts with vendors and suppliers).
  • Risk Management – Effective risk management is critical for banks and financial institutions doing business in Saudi Arabia. We help domestic and international financial institutions identify and assess legal and regulatory risks, implement risk mitigation strategies, and proactively address issues before they lead to unnecessary adverse consequences.
  • Dispute Resolution – Our lawyers also represent banks and financial institutions in all types of dispute resolution proceedings in Saudi Arabia. This includes commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as well as governmental enforcement proceedings. We serve as white collar defense counsel for banks, financial institutions, executives, and other individuals facing criminal allegations in Saudi Arabia.

Contact a Banking and Financial Institutions Lawyer at SuhailPartners LLP

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