Our Lawyers Represent Companies and Individuals Facing Civil Disputes and White Collar Criminal Cases in Saudi Arabia

All types of litigation present challenges, risks, and opportunities. When facing litigation, the key to leveraging the available opportunities is working with legal counsel who understands the legal landscape and has experience successfully representing clients in similar circumstances.

At SuhailPartners LLP, we have extensive experience representing companies and individuals in high-stakes litigation in Saudi Arabia. With a practice that includes commercial litigation, alternative dispute resolution (ADR), and white collar defense, the breadth of our experience proves invaluable for our clients facing substantial commercial and legal risks. We manage all aspects of our clients’ disputes and defense strategies, and we help our clients make informed decisions about how to approach challenges and opportunities throughout the process.

Our Commercial Litigation and Dispute Management Practice

Within our commercial litigation and dispute management practice, we represent companies, banks, shareholders and other clients in connection with all types of disputes arising in the KSA. Along with extensive litigation experience, we have also successfully represented numerous clients in commercial ADR proceedings. We have significant experience negotiating informal resolutions to high-stakes commercial disputes as well, and we seek to resolve our clients’ commercial disputes without litigation whenever possible. We handle all types of commercial disputes, including those involving:

When facing a commercial dispute, a proactive approach is often the key to mitigating parties’ costs and reducing the timeline as much as possible. We consider these practical considerations when advising our clients, and we help our clients make informed and strategic decisions throughout the dispute resolution process.

Our White Collar Defense Practice

Along with commercial disputes and litigation, we also represent companies and individuals in white collar criminal cases in Saudi Arabia. White collar criminal allegations can present substantial risks, and a proactive approach is also paramount here. Once engaged, we begin working on our clients’ defense strategies immediately, seeking to resolve our clients’ investigations without litigation whenever possible.

We handle all types of white collar defense matters in the KSA. We also handle cross-border white collar criminal cases involving law enforcement agencies from around the globe. This includes matters involving allegations of:

  • Antitrust crimes.
  • Bank and capital markets fraud.
  • Breach of Saudi Arabia’s Anti-Concealment Law
  • Bribery and public corruption
  • Commercial fraud
  • Cyber crimes
  • Environmental crimes
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Money laundering
  • Securities fraud

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