Our Commercial and Regulatory Lawyers Help Companies Manage Compliance, Avoid Risks and Resolve Disputes in the KSA

Effectively managing commercial and regulatory risk is critical for companies doing business in Saudi Arabia. There are numerous aspects to commercial and regulatory risk management, and identifying, addressing, and resolving potential issues before they lead to litigation is critical for protecting companies’ interests.

We provide comprehensive commercial and regulatory services to domestic and international companies doing business in the KSA. Our lawyers have worked with companies around the globe, and we have assisted clients with insolvency and other matters involving more than US$6 billion in total value. If you have questions about what your company can (and should) be doing to minimize its risk while maximizing its profitability, we are here to help.

Our Commercial Services

Our lawyers provide diverse commercial services to companies of all sizes and in all industries. We have worked with both domestic companies in Saudi Arabia and large multinational companies doing business in the KSA to help them pursue commercial transactions and manage their commercial risk. From technology transfer agreements to capital markets transactions, we handle all types of commercial transactions within the KSA and beyond. We handle insolvency proceedings and other commercial matters as well.

Examples of our commercial services include:

  • Commercial deal structuring.
  • Commercial contract drafting and negotiation.
  • Commercial insolvency counseling.
  • Commercial contract interpretation under Saudi law.
  • Commercial contract implementation and management (including renewal and termination).

Our Regulatory Services

Companies doing business in Saudi Arabia and abroad must devote adequate resources to regulatory compliance. Regulatory violations can put companies at risk not only for governmental enforcement action but also for adverse consequences in their commercial relationships. With our extensive experience representing companies in the KSA and around the world, we have a thorough understanding of the regulatory challenges and risks companies face, and we rely on this experience to help our clients implement and manage effective regulatory compliance programs.

Government Advisory Practice

SuhailPartners LLP team has niche experience shared by very few Kingdom law firms. We advise on a wide range of policy, regulatory and economic reform activities with a number of government ministries, departments and entities on projects relating to Vision 2030, the Vision Realization initiatives.

We are pioneers in the” Empowerment of Rule of Law” – in terms of drafting laws and regulations (public and internal), structuring and restructuring organizations (public and private), setting up legal departments – structuring them and training and placing its staff, importing best knowledge and practices, and localization of skills and knowledge. We also draft rules, regulations and bylaws.

Commercial and Regulatory Dispute Resolution

Along with representing companies in commercial transactional and regulatory matters, we also represent companies in commercial and regulatory dispute resolution proceedings. This includes litigation and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) with other commercial parties as well as government enforcement proceedings.

Regardless of the issues involved, an efficient resolution will often be in the best interests of both parties. We leverage this to our clients’ advantage, using the circumstances at hand to achieve favorable resolutions as quickly (and quietly) as possible. When dispute resolution proceedings arise from our clients’ commercial and regulatory compliance oversights, we simultaneously work with them to help them address any ongoing issues that present risks for additional litigation.

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