We Help Companies of All Sizes Effectively Manage Corporate Governance and Compliance in the KSA

Effectively managing corporate governance and compliance is critical for companies doing business in Saudi Arabia. Not only is this key from a risk mitigation perspective, but it is also key for ensuring that companies are well-positioned to enter the capital markets, pursue mergers and acquisitions, and execute large commercial transactions with other entities in the KSA and worldwide.

At SuhailPartners LLP, we have extensive experience advising companies in this area. While we work with many large, domestic, and international publicly-traded companies, we also work with companies that are in the start-up phase. We work with financial institutions, investors, and other clients that need to evaluate companies’ corporate governance structures and compliance efforts as well, helping them make informed decisions about mergers, acquisitions, equity investments, loans, and other transactions.

Our Corporate Governance Practice

Much of our corporate governance practice is devoted to helping companies structure their entities and manage their corporate governance structures on an ongoing basis. When structuring new entities, there are numerous factors to consider, from access to capital to strategic tax planning. We help our clients consider all pertinent factors and establish corporate governance structures custom-tailored to their specific business circumstances.

Concerning ongoing corporate governance management, observing the requisite formalities is much more than just an exercise in documentation (although maintaining proper documentation is also very important). Here, too, we advise our clients strategically, helping them leverage the benefits of their chosen corporate governance structures and remain in a strong position to secure outside investment, sell or demonstrate compliance when necessary.

Our Corporate Compliance Practice

Effective corporate governance management is just one aspect of corporate compliance. Companies doing business in the KSA, both domestic and international, must carefully address all pertinent aspects of compliance to remain in good standing and in a strong position to do business with other commercial parties.

Our corporate compliance practice is devoted to helping companies meet their legal and regulatory obligations with minimal disruptions to their commercial operations. Our services include:

  • Conducting comprehensive corporate compliance health check assessments.
  • Developing initial and ongoing corporate compliance strategies.
  • Drafting all necessary compliance documentation.
  • Assisting with compliance training and compliance program implementation.
  • Auditing and evaluating our clients’ compliance efforts.
  • Responding to compliance deficiencies both internally and externally.
  • Documenting our clients’ corporate compliance for capital markets and other purposes.

Whether you need to develop a corporate compliance program in the KSA or you have concerns about your company’s current corporate compliance efforts, our lawyers can help you get on the right path forward. To discuss your company’s needs in confidence, contact us today.

Contact Our Corporate Governance and Compliance Team

If you would like to speak with a lawyer on our corporate governance and compliance team, we invite you to get in touch. To arrange an initial confidential consultation at SuhailPartners LLP, please call 966.11.260.5555 or request an appointment.

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